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About Hyfeed, Health Food for Horses

Since 2007, Hyfeeds has established itself as a premium supplier of a wide range of horse feed, supplements and loose licks. 

The professional team at Hyfeeds are confident they have a product that will suit your needs, no matter what your horse's age, stage or activity level. And if you require stock feed, their sister company PBA Feeds boast a complete range of quality specialty feeds and supplements for stock, from sheep and cattle to poultry and everything in between.

Highest quality standards, Feedsafe accredited 

Located in Industrial Avenue, Toowoomba, Hyfeed operates under an Australian Quality Assurance program and are Feedsafe Accredited, with all of their products manufactured under the highest industry standard. The mill is also certified by Australian Certified Organics (ACO) to manufacture organic non-GMO full fat soybean meal and expeller soybean meal onsite.

In addition to this, PBA Feeds trades in bulk and bagged protein meals such as palm kernel meal and canola meal. PBA Feeds is also a supplier of Australian non-GMO full fat soybean meal, expeller soybean meal, soybean oil, expeller canola meal and canola oil, which are all manufactured on site.

Expert advice on stock supplements available

With a dedicated team of qualified staff and feed specialists, Hyfeed can answer your enquiries on our complete feeds and supplements for home mixing and can custom mix to your requirements. Just give us a call.

In our group of companies, we also have PB Agrifood, specialist grain traders and planting seed suppliers, and Maralong Milling, a specialist miller of alternative and gluten-free flours.

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