David Ricketts

 For us, my family and I, horses are an enjoyable past time, which has created friendships and lots and lots of funny stories. I am not a professional, I am an average bloke, who with my wife thought the Australian Stock Horse Shows looked fun and something the whole family could enjoy. Hence, start of the journey from a bush rider to riding in the show ring. I have enjoyed the challenge and reward of producing horses from the concept of breeding or purchase as a yearling through to a mature horse.


I believe the best gift you can offer your horse is a solid education. I enjoy competing, I enjoy the atmosphere, I enjoy the challenge, but most of all, I enjoy our horses producing workouts which are an accumulation of their education and journey to the show. Each horse is different; therefore, the journey is different each time. We have found the feed is part of the foundation, if the foundation is strong, you’re in for a long show season and not very successful show season. 

I understand Hyfeed in the past has sponsored riders within the Australian Stock Horse field before and because to this sponsorship we became aware of the Hyfeed range, thank you Beth Newton. However, I am located on the Far North Coast of NSW and environment here creates its own challenges, namely humidity and a high concentration of oxalates within our pastures. These challenges are addressed by the careful selection of feeds for our horses. Conditions on the coast have further been exasperated by drought conditions, creating a shortage of available fibre. With more experience and greater understanding, we have placed a great deal of enthuses on the right feeds. 

We know the importance of high fibre diets, as one horse suffers from gastric ulcers and another will tying up. Our horses diets are based on high fibre and high fat. We look for a pellet, which is high in fibre and low in starch and grain free. Our solution is Hyfeed Shine On, it needs the needs and is cost effective. We have been so impressed with the results, we feel like to represent Hyfeed already, as we tell everyone about the Shine On pellet and I am sure this is reflected in the growth of sales at McGregor Gourlay South Grafton.