Cody Stevens

Cody Stevens
CKS Performance Horses

Well 2020 will be a year we will never forget and a year that has possibly changed the way the world operates into the future.

December has rolled around so fast it feels like yesterday we were at the start of march preparing for a massive 2020 challenge and Campdraft season, didn’t that grind to a sudden halt!!!!

on a positive note we as a family have had an amazing year, lockdown has allowed us to reconnect as a family and spend some quality time with our kids and given us time develop our other business interests away from the horse industry. For myself It’s certainly been what I believe is a breath of fresh air, we went on our first family holiday ever. And not 1 horse was in sight!! Yes we get to travel a lot and enjoy the social atmosphere that comes from being lucky enough to train and show horses for a living but the truck load of horses and the pressures of performing certainly can put a strain on things. 

We have had some very loyal and faithful clients that have supported us and kept horses with us through these Difficult times to allow our business to keep operating and improving. We are very thankful and grateful for their faith and support. We did get to do 1 Campdraft this year Ridgelands Campdraft in early September. We had a great draft O on ak Acre Henry Owned by Paul and Kylie Herrod placing 4th in the futurity draft and also running off the cut out with a 24.   

We currently have 2021 Nutrien Classic sale horses here in prep and our 2021 challenge and Campdraft horses are starting to roll in.

If every show that is proposed goes ahead in 2021 we are going to have quite a busy schedule. At this stage out stockmans challenge season will kick off with back to back shows in March starting with Coonamble Challenge and Campdraft and ARBC Dalby running the following weekend as well as some local Campdrafts Kicking off early March. 

Thank you very much for your support for 2020 we really appreciate everything Hyfeed does for our business and our horses and I hope we can get out and about to repay the favour and everyone catches up in 2021.