Brylee Tudge

Brylee Tudge

2020 was an extremely difficult year, yes it was for the whole world but unfortunately I had to say the hardest goodbye in horse ownership. 


Rivergums On the Money or as she was called regularly “Maggie” or “princess” was peacefully put to sleep where she now is pain free. After 3 amazing years with Maggie, 3rd in the state in 2019, many wins and many amazing memories, it was a very difficult and heartbreaking time. 


My plans had been forced to change, I decided to have a break and look for a new horse in 2021. But if you live a horsey life you know that nothing goes to plan. When I wasn’t even looking I was given the amazing opportunity to purchase a beautiful gelding called “Never Give In” the name was pure fate! 


Winston as we call him in the stable, has settled into my new life easily, we are still getting to know one another and learning each others buttons. Next year our prime focus will be dressage, but for the first time in 5 years I will begin training showjumping again... something Winston loves to do! 


But for now I’m enjoying being back in the saddle, having Long Beach strolls on this amazing horse that has put a spark back in my heart! I cannot thank Hyfeed enough for their continued support over the last 4 years. Thank you!