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Health Food for Horses

Hyfeed Hyfibre - Soy Hull Pellet

Super Fibre

  •  Easy to Feed
  •  Cost Effective
  • "Super" Fibre Pellet
  •  Suitable to feed to all equines of varying ages and workloads

Super Fibres such as Soy Hulls have a high content of soluble fiber, making them easily digested in the large intestine. Soy Hulls provide a steady source of energy and will assist in maintaining a healthy digestive environment. The high Digestible energy content of the Soy hulls makes them an ideal feed for horses who struggle to maintain weight.
HyFibre pellet contains 100% Soy Hulls, there is no added molasses, cereal grains or other feed stuff. The Soy hulls are sourced from Australian grown non-GMO Soy Beans. These beans are graded through a human grade HACCP accredited mill. The Soy Hulls are processed and pelleted in Hyfeed’s own FEEDSAFE accredited mill.

How to feed

HyFibre is designed to be soaked with water (warm or cold). It is recommended to soak the pellets in a 1:1 ratio of pellets:water, e.g. to 1 dipper of pellets you would add 1 dipper of water, this will form a light mash consistency. The pellets will be ready to feed out in under 10 minutes. These pellets are designed to be fed in conjunction with a good quality Vitamin and Mineral supplement, along with access to Pasture or Hay. HyFibre can also be included into your horses current hard feed mix, to reduce the amount of chaff required, or to boost the amount of fibre the horse is receiving.

Feeding rates 

Actual feeding rates will be determined on age, work load, current body condition and the access to pasture and hay. The rates will be increased if you are wanting to completely replace the chaff in the diet.


Typical Analysis Per Kg


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