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Hyfeed Big Head Pellets

Hyfeed Big Head Pellets

Calcium & Phosphorous

Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism is commonly known as "Big Head" or "Bran Disease" and it occurs when there is a calcium imbalance within the horses' diet. Big Head condition can occur in horses when they are:

1. Grazing tropical and sub-tropical grasses that contain high concentrations of oxalates.

2. Fed high phosphorous containing diets such as high grain, pollard or bran.

Restoring the correct balance of calcium and phosphorous within the horses blood stream is imperative in the treatment and prevention of big head disease. A calcium supplement such as Hyfeed Big Head Pellets or Big Head Lick should be used to rectify the calcium:phosphorous ratio and overcome calcium deficiencies. Big Head pellets are also suitable for feeding to broodmares and young stock, to maximise the availability of calcium in their diets.

Suitable for:

All equines grazing on affected pastures or receiving pollard or bran based diets, broodmares & young horses.

Benefits for your equine athlete:

  • Balanced calcium to phosphorous ration
  • Superior supplement for developing bones
  • Easy to feed pellet – no mixing required

Daily Feeding Rates

Big Head (kg/day)


If "Big Head" is suspected, consult a Veterinary Surgeon for Treatment Advice

 500-1kg per head per day



Typical Analysis Per Kg

Hylick Big Head Pellets is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

Barley, Millrun, Soya Hulls, Copra Meal, Limestone, Bentonite, HE Soya Meal, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Mould Inhibitor

*Base raw ingredients may gradually change due to season variations.

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