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  • Hyfeed Intence 5kg

    Hyfeed Intence 5kg

    Vitality, Recovery, Immunity

    Intence is a highly digestible supplement that delivers balanced nutrition imperative to the healthy growth, development and performance of equines. Intence incorporates a palatable blend of ingredients that work in synergy to:

    • Help boost and stimulate the immune system
    • Help recovery from stresses such as parturition, weaning, surgery, illness, prolonged antibiotic usage, travelling and physical exertion
    • Contribute to the healthy growth, development and performance of equines
    • Supports digestive efficiency
    • Help maintain overall health and vitality

    Intence contains specialised ingredients such as: Nupro®, colostrum, lysine & betaine.

    Nupro® which is a functional protein from yeast containing highly concentrated levels of essential and functional nutrients which are important in the diets of young animals. NuPro® is rich in: Nucleotides, Glutamic acid for palatability, Inositol (a nutrient critical to proper nerve function, optimal cell membrane development, function and good growth), Amino acids and peptides for growth.

    The bioactive molecules in colostrum include immunoglobulins (antibodies), immune factors, growth factors and antioxidants. Immunoglobulins provide a defense against viral infection, bacterial infection, allergies, fungus and yeast. Lysine is an essential amino acid required for growth and optimum nitrogen balance in tissues. Betaine has been described as an osmolyte that accumulates in animal cells where it attracts water, protecting them from dehydration and allowing the animal to maintain its water balance in a more energy-efficient way.

    Suitable for:

    Premium pelleted supplement to aid immunity building in horses of all ages, particularly foals, weanlings and horses recovering after surgery, prolonged antibiotic usage, illness and injury.

    Daily Feeding Rates

    Intence (g/day)

    Weanlings  100-200g Lactating Mares 500g
    Yearlings 200-300g Working Horses 300-500g
    Dry & Early Pregnancy 200g Convalescing Horses 250-500g
    Late Gestation 300g-500g    


    As a stud veterinarian I recommend to feed orphan foals Intence as it insures that the foals are provided with adequate lysine levels , the limiting amino acid in horses’ growth. I have moreover found Intence very helpful for immune system support in compromised animals and horses that are recovering from major trauma or surgery. My Thoroughbred clients find it excellent for yearling preparation and I also use it for my breeding stallions and growing youngsters
    Susanne Brundell - Dipl Ing, BVSc (Hons)


    Typical Analysis Per Kg

    Hyfeed Intence is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

    Soyflour, Whey Powder, Dextrose, Millrun, Alltech Nupro®, Betaine, Magnesium Oxide, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Lime, Lysine, HorseGro Millpack, Colostrum, Sucram, Yellow fyvel

    *Base raw ingredients may gradually change due to season variations.

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